The Digital People People

Digital People

Our A.I. Avatars are more than just chat bots. They will remember you, recall past conversations and even have simulated lives of their owns… but we don’t create them — YOU do!

Portalis is an A.I. Avatar creation platform. Design a digital person to chat, answer questions, play games or help make learning fun.

Customer Service Agents

Our Avatars can be trained to be experts in any subject to offer answers and guidance as an interactive FAQ or dedicated, always-available service agents.

Smart, personable and responsive, our Avatars provide inexpensive voice & video conversations with expertise in any subject you desire.

Virtual Friends

Create a virtual companion who remembers you and loves to chat. Our avatars are multi-lingual, allowing you to chat in almost any language.

Remember, you design the look, the voice, the backstory and personality — and you get to decide if you want to share them with others, or keep them private. Who will you create?

Interactive Storytelling

Write an interactive story where the listener becomes the main character. Our avatars act as engaging storytellers, leading the listener through an immersive narrative of your design.

YOU are the writer of this adventure. Craft a unique Avatar to bring YOUR story to the world.

Intelligent Roleplaying

A unique experience that sits somewhere between a table-top RPG and a video game. Add intelligent, conversational NPCs to your game world to bring your world to life!

YOU design the world, the characters, the backstory and personality — let our Avatars help you tell your story.